St. Louis, MO, Sleep Dentistry:
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At our St. Louis, MO, dental practice, we understand the profound impact that poor sleep, TMJ disorders, and facial pain can have on your quality of life. Dr. Kevin Postol, a dedicated dental professional pioneering Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) injections for TMJ regeneration, leads our team.

Our Approach to Your Well-Being

We specialize in dental sleep therapy, offering proven, non-invasive solutions to help you overcome snoring, sleep apnea, TMJ pain, and related challenges. Our team is among the best-trained in the country, dedicated to improving your sleep, relieving your jaw pain, and, consequently, improving your life.

Why Choose Oral Appliance Therapy for Sleep Apnea?

Our oral appliances, custom-designed and fitted in our St. Louis office for each patient, resemble orthodontic retainers or sports mouth guards. These devices are tailored to slightly advance the lower jaw, effectively opening the airway during sleep. For individuals unable to tolerate CPAP machines, these appliances offer a non-intrusive alternative, effectively relieving snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

Our Range of Oral Appliances

In our office, we offer a selection of five different oral appliances, each catering to specific patient needs. Dr. Kevin Postol guides patients through the selection process, considering factors such as bite, jaw size, tooth condition, and sleep apnea severity. Here’s an overview of our options:

  • Adjustable PM Positioner: Comfortable and adjustable, offering ease of use and durability.
  • EMA: A two-piece appliance with adjustable straps, ideal for patients with smaller mouths.
  • Dorsal Oral Appliance: Flexible, two-piece design allowing natural jaw movement, perfect for teeth grinders.
  • TAP® 3: Simple, self-adjustable design ensuring a 95% compliance rate, providing optimal comfort.
  • Oral Appliance Herbst: Custom-made appliance with a metal framework, suitable for patients with heavy teeth grinding.

TMJ Therapy: Home Remedies and Advanced In-Office Treatments

In addition to sleep apnea treatment, we offer comprehensive TMJ therapy in St. Louis and the surrounding area, addressing mild to moderate jaw pain. Dr. Postol recommends simple home remedies, including dietary changes, heat and ice packs, essential oils, and gentle stretches, effectively reducing discomfort. For persistent pain, our in-office treatments include oral splints, trigger point injections, Botox therapy, physical therapy referrals, moist heat therapy, and medication options.

Advanced Therapy

We also offer cutting-edge regenerative medicine at our St. Louis clinic. Dr. Kevin Postol pioneers Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) therapy for TMJ disorders. PRF is an innovative approach to healing TMJ-related tissue damage, including conditions like temporal tendinitis and dislocated jaw (reducing and non-reducing disc displacements). PRF therapy is reshaping the landscape of TMJ treatment, offering you a natural and effective path to recovery.

What a great experience! EVERY ONE was so friendly and kind. It’s so wonderful that Dr. Postol takes real one on one time for each patient. It makes you feel comfortable and heard. I appreciated that so much!

Sasha R.

Dr. Kevin Postol Sleep Dentist in Ballwin, MO

Meet Dr. Kevin Postol: Your Experienced and Compassionate Sleep Dentist

In 2011, Dr. Postol earned the prestigious title of Diplomate with the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, showcasing his exceptional ability and education in successfully treating sleep apnea. As one of only two dentists in Missouri with this distinction, Dr. Postol’s expertise is unparalleled. His involvement with the AADSM includes serving as the Course Chairman for the Essentials Course of Dental Sleep Medicine and speaking at the yearly National Meeting, demonstrating his commitment to advancing the field.

Meet Dr. Postol in Person

Dr. Postol would like to meet you to talk about your sleep or TMJ concerns. Give him a call to schedule a consultation.

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