TMJ Treatment
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Depending on the severity of your symptoms and what the underlying cause might be, treatments may include the use of an oral appliance, physical therapy, injections, or surgery.

If you are looking for relief from jaw pain, Kevin F. Postol, DDS, offers home and office treatments for mild to moderate jaw pain and help in healing TMJ. The following ideas can help you regain normal mobility in the joint and quit suffering when chewing. You will feel like socializing again. After you read about the treatments, contact Kevin F. Postol, DDS, for a consultation and a TMJ treatment plan.

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Home Remedies

Dr. Postol recommends many ideas that you can adopt to reduce mild to moderate jaw pain. Following this advice consistently can help mild to moderate jaw pain and discomfort disappear in a few weeks to a few months.

  • Carefully choose softer foods that require less chewing and create less irritation to the joint.
  • Apply heat and ice packs to your jaw alternatively.
  • Be aware of repetitive and extreme jaw movements that irritate the joint, such as chewing gum, singing loudly, and opening your mouth wide to yawn.
  • Apply eucalyptus, chamomile, lavender, or other essential oils to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Gently stretch and massage the muscles around your jaw and in your neck.

These home remedies recommended by Dr. Postol help gently heal TMJ issues and decrease the movements that irritate the joint. These suggestions can even help those with more severe pain. TMJ usually doesn’t require more aggressive treatment. However, if the joint pain worsens, call for an appointment with Dr. Postol to discuss other treatment plans.

In-Office Treatments

If the home remedies don’t provide satisfactory pain relief, schedule an appointment with Dr. Postol to discuss in-office treatments. With his years of experience treating jaw pain, TMJ, and TMD, Dr. Postol can recommend an in-office treatment. He will examine your jaw and discuss what you are experiencing. Then he will make his recommendation from one of the listed in-office treatments. You can read about the various treatments and ask questions when Dr. Postol provides a treatment plan. Dr. Postol will follow your progress to ensure you achieve the desired improvements.

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Oral Splints

Orthotics maintain the proper jaw alignment. Daytime splints fit on the bottom teeth for comfort, less visibility, and less interference with speech. At night, you will use one on your upper teeth.

Trigger Point Injections

These pain or numbing injections in the facial muscles diminish knots and increase blood flow. They allow you to stretch your face and jaw muscles.


Botox relaxes the muscles in the jaw relieving pain, tightness, and joint wear.

Referral to Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is sometimes necessary to recover full range of motion.

Moist Heat

A hot water bottle wrapped in a towel and applied to the jaw improves mobility.

Medications as Needed

Medications, such as NSAIDS, muscle relaxants, and anti-anxiety and antidepressant medicines, are used for severe TMJ or TMD. NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) include aspirin and ibuprofen. They relieve pain and swelling. Anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications relieve stress that aggravates TMD

Dr. Postol keeps apprised of the latest treatments and will recommend the best solution. Don’t suffer from jaw pain any longer. Call today for a consultation.

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